Three Signature cocktail recipes and its inspirations from Reka:Bar

The interiors of Reka:Bar.

Kuala LumpurReka: Bar stands out for its distinctive combination of contemporary design, futuristic atmosphere, and an impressive assortment of expertly crafted cocktails. Inventive, geeky, and consistent, “Reka,” means “to create”. Co-founder Nick Choo says, “The tagline is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the postmodern ideal of constantly questioning accepted principles and rules in the team’s constant search for flavour and innovation.”

The Reka: Bar team, known for pushing boundaries of flavours, techniques, and ingredients, shared the stories, inspirations and how three iconic cocktails, Wine? Not…, Naughty Congee, Cloud and Clear are made.

Cloud and Clear

Reka:Bar’s Cloud and Clear

“The first cocktail confirmed to be in our signature menu, ‘Cloud and Clear’ got its inspiration from the drink’s garnish of a matcha cloud and the liquid itself being exponentially “loud” and bursting in flavour yet deceptively clear.”

  1. 10 ml Wild Turkey
  2. 5 ml Diplomatico Planas
  3. 3.5 ml Pedro Xeminez
  4. 4.25 ml Giffard Salted Caramel
  5. 12.5 ml Oolong Tea
  6. 3.75 ml Lemon Juice
  7. 12.5 ml Full Cream Milk

Garnish: Lemon Meringue with Matcha Powder

Glassware: Lowball

Method: Build

Wine? Not…


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“This drink was the result of a fun challenge: Could we make a drink that tasted like wine without actually containing any ? We took the grassy and tropical flavors of a classic NZ Sauvignon Blanc as inspiration. StartIng with a base of our herbaceous house parsley distillate, we add passionfruit and coconut kefir and finish with a few drops of Celtic salt solution. Served in a white wine glass and garnished with a mango parmesan chip to replicate that classic cheese & wine pairing.”

  1. 40 ml Lillet Blanc
  2. 15 ml Parsley Distillate
  3. 45 ml Passionfruit & Coconut Kefir
  4. 2 drops Celtic Salt

Garnish: Mango Parmesan Crisps

Glassware: Wine Glass

Method: Stir

Naughty Congee

Reka:Bar’s Naughty Congee


“One of our most successful experiments, paying homage to the classic ginger and congee pairing but in an altogether different form and flavor. It incorporates the use of ginger flower and cinnamon infused with rum, chrysanthemum-honeysuckle flavored rice amazake, and local Bentong ginger extract. These complex flavors are then balanced out with matcha and lemon juice, garnished with coconut ginger sprinkles. The result, a truly spectacular drink.”

  1. 12.5 ml Bacardi 8 Spiced Rum
  2. 12.5 ml Bacardi 8
  3. 7.5 ml Amaro Montenegro
  4. 2.5 ml Frangelico
  5. 40ml Chrysanthemum & Honeysuckle Amazake
  6. 10 ml Lemon
  7. 10 ml Ginger Syrup
  8. 1⁄2 of 1.25ml Spoon Matcha Powder

Garnish: Toasted Coconut and Ginger Powder

Glassware: Ceramic Cup

Method: Shake

Alternatively, experience these cocktails at Reka:Bar here.

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