Shu KL: “A heartfelt passion for the craft, and a deep-seated desire to showcase Chinese diaspora cooking at its best”


(R) Chef-patron Chin. Restaurant Shu is his first restaurant.

Shu KL at Level 8, Annexed, Menara Imc, 8, Jln Sultan Ismail. Dinner only, Tuesday to  Saturday, 6pm to 11pm. Bookings can be made here. A private room with seating capacity of 10 pax is available.

Shu KL is an entrancing combination of solid cooking skills, cultural discovery, inventive cookery, and seriously good flavour. Helmed by chef-patron Chin Wong, notably absent are the theatrical bursts of flame or billowing smoke in the kitchen; instead, it’s a restaurant driven by an unwavering dedication and a heartfelt passion for refining the culinary craft, and a deep-seated desire to feed. 

A calligraphy of Chin’s mother’s name, who inspires him to this day

An emotional tribute to Chin’s mother, whose essence graces the walls through this elegant calligraphy of her name, adds a personal touch to the cozy setting.

The menu is a tale of Chinese cultural migration, expertly weaving narratives to craft new taste experiences. Laoganma butter, Huadiao Beurre Blanc, and caramelized soymilk epitomize culinary brilliance.

The diaspora-inspired menu reads really well, delving into the narrative of Chinese cultural migration and history, intertwining these tales to craft new taste memories and profiles. 

Snacks. From L-R, poached pork belly and loin, Jasmine Rice Bread, Crispy Mochi 

The meal commenced with a delightful array of snacks, each offering a burst of unique flavors. From the crispy Mochi infused with tartare and curry emulsion to the comforting Jasmine Rice Bread paired intricately with Laoganma Butter and Chicken Floss Crumble, the palate was teased and delighted. The Poached Pork Belly and Loin, aged for three weeks and complemented by a piquant marinade sauce on crispy rice paper, provided a tantalizing start to the dining experience.

Smashed Celtuce

The Smashed Celtuce dish arrives in a meticulously crafted leaf-shaped glass bowl, featuring a harmonious blend of Hokkaido scallops, pickled celtuce, and aromatic clam broth, offering a refreshing and clean taste experience that beautifully rounds off the dish 

Yonghe Breakfast

A standout dish, the Yonghe Breakfast, drew inspiration from the renowned breakfast  of Taipei. Chin’s innovative touch added a twist, infusing intensely concentrated caramelized soymilk and a vibrant rainbow of eight seasonal vegetables:  crispy kailan, pickles, wingbeans, bak choi, sugar snaps, pumpkin, daikon, beetroot, radish into this beloved  breakfast staple, whose origins trace back to Bangkok. 

Drunken Prawn

The Huadiao Beurre Blanc, boldly umami, perfectly enhanced the essence of the Drunken Argentinian Prawn accompanied with ikura and tender squid cubes for texture, while the Xuan Cai Fish, with its 5 days dry-aged Mayao (threadfin) bathed in Xuan Cai Yu Broth. The flavours is in the details. 

Xuan Cai Fish

One couldn’t overlook the complexity of the 6 Pepper Duck—aged for ten days and delicately brined with a blend of six peppers—Szechaun peppers, red, green peppers, white peppers, black peppers and dried chili peppers. Its flavors complemented by the brined chayote greens and velvety tofu puree, which hinged delicately between sweet and savoury.

6 Pepper Duck

The spotlight then turned to the Yu Xiang Wagyu, where traditional Sichuan sauce in glaze form and the addition of eggplant tempura created a harmonious blend of tastes and textures.

Yu Xiang Wagyu

Bringing warmth and comfort to the table, the Braised Duck Rice, enriched with duck and mushroom stock, tender pulled duck, crispy duck skin, and tantalizing taro cubes, offered a soulful dining experience that could uplift spirits with each spoonful

Braised Duck Rice

Concluding the meal is a delightful dessert of sweet potato cake, yogurt ice cream, and a light Puer tea cream with refreshing hints of pomelo

Dessert of Sweet Potato
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