Make way for anCnoc Whisky: Launch of anCnoc 2009 Vintage

Kuala Lumpur – Knockdhu Distillery, which sits in the shadow of the ‘Black Hill’ (Knockdhu in Gaelic) near Huntly in Aberdeenshire, produces anCnoc Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky, one of the smallest and most enchanting distilleries in the Scottish Highlands. It was founded in 1894 by the visionary John Morrison, who saw an abundance of the natural resources required to make fine malt whisky in the area, including pure spring water and plentiful supplies of peat and barley. This month marks the release of the anCnoc 2009 Vintage, the most recent release from anCnoc’s vintages collection to arrive in Malaysia, by Single Malt Sdn Bhd, Malaysia’s premier spirits and liquor retailer and distributor.

During the launch, Brand Ambassador Paul Warathep Chandeeraj introduced anCnoc, the single malt from the Scottish Highlands’ Knockdhu distillery, through a tasting flight that included the anCnoc 12 Year Old, anCnoc 2002 and 2009 vintages, and Peatheart, anCnoc’s peated expression.

His contagious enthusiasm, broad category knowledge, and signature relaxed and fun presentation style landed him the position of Asia’s first dedicated International Beverage portfolio Brand Ambassador.

Brand Ambassador Paul Warathep Chandeeraj

anCnoc 2009 Vintage is a limited-edition expression of anCnoc Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky that proudly showcases the heritage and skill of Knockdhu’s distillery team in creating a distinct yet approachable whisky, with passion, tradition, and craftsmanship distilled into every  golden drop.

anCnoc 2009 Vintage: Smooth and delicate, rounded sweet vanilla, rich dark chocolate with delicate oak spices and a hint of leather.

anCnoc 2009 Vintage

  • This single malt was matured in a combination of first-fill Spanish oak butts and ex-bourbon American oak barrels. 
  • The whisky combines the delicately spicy and woody aromas with anCnoc’s classic honey and citrus notes on the palate.

“We’ve been waiting twelve years for this vintage and it has definitely been worth the wait. This is a dram that has all the light, fresh qualities of anCnoc that are so loved by our drinkers, but there’s also a rich spiciness and complexity from its time in the casks. 

‘It’s always a joy to release a new whisky out into the world. I’m particularly proud that the character of this new vintage captures the way we do things at Knockdhu, and the traditions we hold dear, yet it still tastes like a very modern single malt. anCnoc 2009 Vintage will be a real treat for whisky drinkers looking for something a little bit different to explore, or as a special addition to the Christmas list of anyone who appreciates a well-crafted single malt.” says Distillery Manager Gordon Bruce.

anCnoc’s first foray into peated whisky began back in 2014 with the launch of a new ‘Peaty’ range, inspired by the whiskies made early in Knockdhu’s history using local peated barley.

AnCnoc Peated Peatheart Batch 2: Structured and full, with rich smoke in balance with juicy gummy bears and the light, fizzy sweetness of spun sugar.

Today, the Black Hill still provides pure water for the whisky-making process. The distillery’s two copper pot stills are replicas of the original 1894 design, with bulbous bases that contribute to anCnoc’s light, fresh, fruity flavour. To condense the vaporised alcohol, old-fashioned worm tubs are used. And Distillery Manager Gordon Bruce and his team, known as the ‘Men of Knock,’ have one of the smallest workforces in any distillery (two dogs included!).

The anCnoc 2009 Vintage, the latest release from the anCnoc Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky vintages collection, is now available in Malaysia at an RRP of RM369. Order from Single Malt Sdn Bhd here

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