First Look: Nadodi KL’s latest menu, Eleven Steps Back Home

Red Beet Kari by Nadodi

 Kuala Lumpur – Eleven Steps Back Home, this is the newest menu to launch at Nadodi KL telling one truly compelling story. Chef Yavhin, Chef Eliyaz, Chef Pradeep, Chef Sugeen and Nadodi’s kitchen brigade pay an homage to the regional chronicles of flavour, exploring the depths and varieties of ingredients in their presentation of dishes that weave complex narratives told from the streets right up to the highlands of South India and Sri Lanka through modern interpretation while upholding the essence of the traditional recipes that survive through the generations. 

Prelude, Eleven Steps Back Home menu, Nadodi KL

THE PRELUDE of Pallipalayam Achu, Kiribath, Rava Prawn with Beluga caviar. Each starter is presented on a platter made of ornamental driftwood. It’s the perfect Starter to shine a spotlight on the extraordinary skills required to engineer this menu, precisely exemplified in the tissue-thin Pallipalayam Achu rose cookies; a very strong prologue of what’s to come for the evening. 

Street Staple, Eleven Steps Back Home menu, Nadodi KL

STREET STAPLE, inspired by a popular savoury street snack, vadai presented in layers of delicate wafers of Nethili sambol, sambar, coconut chutney

Eggspectation, Eleven Steps Back Home menu, Nadodi KL

EGGSPECTATION definitely exceeds expectations. Hidden beneath glistening beads of Baerii caviar atop a  nest of fried shredded leeks lies a rich Egg Roast Mousseline taking cues from Kerala-style Mutta Roast – dipping crisp Yam Chips through every layer is a real sensation on the palate.

Red Beet Kari, Eleven Steps Back Home menu, Nadodi KL

RED BEET KARI features coconut curry and peanut crumble served with the different textures of beetroot in the form of a beetroot sorbet, beetroot shards, and pattern beetroot powder dust outlining Gini Raksha, the traditional Fire Devil mask from Sri Lanka and pays homage to ‘Thel Dala,’ a beloved beetroot stir-fry dish from Sri Lanka. 

Surf Tagliatelle, Eleven Steps Back Home menu, Nadodi KL

SURF TAGLIATELLE made from 100% Sanriku scallops and served with a rich and flavourful moringa curry, finger lime and burnt onion drops

Eleven Steps Back Home menu, Nadodi KL

NAWALA ANNASI, beneath the carrot disc is an ode to a traditional Sri Lankan Negombo prawn curry of charcoal-charred carabineros, pineapple powder, prawn head curry, and jicama for that added crunch 

Backwaters of Alleppey, Eleven Steps Back Home menu, Nadodi KL

BACKWATERS OF ALLEPPEY beautifully presented with tiger grouper, Oscietra caviar, yuzu foam, chayote, buburare accompanied with twin sauces of green mint curry and red curry 

Pre-dessert, Eleven Steps Back Home menu, Nadodi KL

A pre-dessert of NARTHANGAI, featuring finger lime, a sorbet of Colombo Gin on a bed of mint pearls

Duckmentary, Eleven Steps Back Home menu, Nadodi KL

DUCKUMENTARY presenting dry-aged duck and duck farce with tempura fried Zucchini Blossom dusted in coriander powder, and plum thokku for a hint of a pickled note accompanied with a soul-warming not-your-typical clear rasam broth made with 3 different types of tomatoes instead of tamarind. 

Nomad’s Globe, Eleven Steps Back Home menu, Nadodi KL

NOMADS GLOBE, a glorious dish of fluffy biryani rice with a generous filling of cashew nuts, onions, and apricots nestling soft boulders of spiced Iberico Lamb. Served alongside Marrow Salna bone marrow topped with 3 types of chutney – peanut, coriander, and mint; complemented by a serving of yoghurt to cut through the richness and balance the palate.

This signature dish is a masterpiece meticulously crafted by Chef Pradeep, a culinary virtuoso originally from Sri Lanka. Since Nadodi’s inception, Chef Pradeep has played a pivotal role, offering his wealth of expertise and an intimate understanding of the cuisine.

Munnar Payasam, Eleven Steps Back Home menu, Nadodi KL

MUNNAR PAYASAM – a beautiful dessert representing two altitudes. First is at sea level represented by a luscious cushion of coconut and cardamom cream. Second is from a high altitude represented by the dark chocolate, which is produced in small batches by third generation producers in Munnar, India, served with passion fruit shards, fermented raisin gel and coconut crumble.

 Eleven Steps Back Home is at RM730++

Wine, Royal Salute and crafted cocktail pairings are available to accompany the dinner.

For the menu, visit here. For reservations, visit here. Nadodi KL is open from Mondays to Sundays, 6pm to 10pm.


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