Covid 19: Positive initiatives by Industry Peers

A round-up of the positive initiatives taken by the hospitality industry in Asia to weather these challenging times.


The Commons. A well-loved open-plan community mall by siblings duo Varat and Vicharee Vichit-Vadakan, who also founded one of Thailand’s top cafes, Roast Cafe and Roots Coffee. “Our intention is to build first a community, then a mall.” 

They launched an Employee Relief Fund to help those who are most affected. You can learn more about this initiative and lend your support here. This is also opened to other local businesses. If you would like to register your affected employees, please contact The Commons through the same link. 

Takeaways are also available across brands within The Commons:

Bo.lan Fine-dining Thai restaurant Bo.lan introduced a “luncheon” menu running from now until Songkran

 In an effort to support the community of producers, the restaurant also offers value added CSA box. It will be available weekly & contain a selection of organic vegetables, ethical proteins, & some ready to use items. Another box will contain Bo.lan Grocer Essential Box comprising dried ingredients and cooking condiments essential. Each venue will have a limited but carefully selected menu of fermented* items as well.  All are available for delivery or pick up. Contact them here

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Over the last several weeks Bo.lan & Err have been dealing with the ever changing Covid-19 situation. Although we have full confidence in our teams ability to perform at the highest level we have come to decision that we will cease trading at the restaurants. This decision has been very difficult to make, despite the downturn we still have patrons and bookings each day. However we do have staff who rely us each month in order to survive. We also support a network of 60+ small scale producers that require our continued support. We strongly believe it is everyone’s social responsibility to flatten the curb. Social distancing is shite, it’s a necessary step that needs to be taken by society, for society. This isn’t a time to be selfish,.. ..Our last service for the foreseeable future will be on Sunday the 22nd of March. We are committed to ensuring all our staff & producers are affected by this action as little as possible…Bo.lan will offer several alternatives starting today. We have designed a special menu that will change periodically according to what our producers can provide…..At Err we’ve also got you covered with our Err…mergency Rations!! A selection of 5 meals designed to sate every appetite and budget….Furthermore, in an effort to support our community of producers, we are developing a value added CSA box. It will be available weekly & contain a selection of organic vegetables, ethical proteins, & some ready to use items. Another box will contain Bo.lan Grocer essentials for your larder. Each venue will have a limited but carefully selected menu of fermented* items for you also. All for delivery or pick up…For detailed information please contact us directly via any of the normal channels.The environment shouldn’t suffer more because of this situation so our food will be served in reusable pinto’s….Please spare a thought for the hard working individuals that make up the hospitality industry and show all your neighborhood eateries some love, *obviously we aren’t advertising the sale of alcohol as that would be illegal & we thoroughly respect the current government and their archaic laws! Also they have been such help during this crisis!!

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Bref by Darren Chin launched limited edition Bref MCO vouchers. Each voucher will come with 10% extra credit (e.g. a RM 100 voucher can be redeemed for a RM 110 credit on your bill, a RM 200 voucher for RM 220 credit, and so on) and will be valid for six months from the date of our reopening. You can purchase the vouchers here

You can also order Chef Darren’s signature DIY wagyu burger set during this MCO here.

Copper. Run by husband and wife team Chef Chai and Zeehan Zahari, Copper serves contemporary European cuisine with Mediterranean influences in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Upon the announcement of MCO, the couple immediately shifted from fine-dine to lunch box offerings to serve the nation’s medical frontliners through crowdfunding support from family and friends. They have not only served thousands of meals to healthcare workers but also played a part in support of local farmers, producers, and suppliers. 

Set the Tables

Tiger Beer has long been a champion for Malaysian street food and is committing RM1.5 million to support Malaysian street food vendors, coffee shops and food courts through this tough time. They’ve created a system to let the public help, too.

Supporters can purchase a voucher here for a big bottle of Tiger or Tiger Crystal (RSP RM17) at only RM10. This voucher can then be redeemed at any participating coffee shops and food courts across the country when they reopen. The outlet will receive the initial RM10 voucher price, plus the full RM17 RSP value from Tiger Beer for each voucher redeemed.

Set the Tables


In addition to takeaway cocktail kits, Jigger & Pony Group launched their very own Jigger & Pony group gift card! This is available for Gibson Bar, Live Twice, Humpback, Caffe Fernet.

Once you purchase this digital gift card, it will give you a unique code. The gift card recipient can enter this code at checkout to subtract the gift card value from their order total. Please take note that it is only redeemable online. It is not redeemable for dine-in at Jigger & Pony group venues. Available for purchase here 

Tough Time Tickets. A collective of high end, award-winning restaurants getting together to create unique offerings and strived to give back to customers the ways great food and service.

Some notable offerings include Preludio Complete 8 course dinner for the price of 6. Iggy’s Gastronomic Dinner Menu for $225++, Odette 8 course Découverte dinner menu for Lunch, 7-Course Dinner Menu at JAAN by Kirk Westaway for $225.15++ and many more.

Hong Kong 

 JIA Group launched Chefs at Home catering experience. Diners can choose from any of the group’s award-winning restaurants, including the renowned chefs, including the Ricardo Chaneton. They will be bringing their skills and restaurant standards to your home kitchens.  Find out more here 

Pirata Group. Takeaways from Meats, The Pizza Project, Chaiwala, Pichi are available on Deliveroo.

“With every tough experience in life, you are met with a choice. To either let it knock your confidence OR, to rise to the occasion and come back stronger. We are all proud to say that at Pirata Group, as a team, we consistently choose the latter. We have been blown away by the support we have felt across the company, across the team and across the industry these past few weeks. Hong Kong, we love you and we are here for you. Stay safe and stay hopeful.” 

Manuel Palacio, co-founder of Pirata Group


Compiled by Theresa Burhan. The impact of COVID-19 on the hospitality business is unprecedented. In light of the unique circumstances we find ourselves in, we thought it would be helpful to gather learnings and insights from industry veterans in hopes that we can help each other out. Have stories and insights to share? Let us know at

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