Chateau Dionne: “Right at the heart of French cooking with a dash of Asian contemporary.”

(L) Chef de Cuisine Maxc Cheng and (R) chef-patron Andy Choy. Image credit: Chateau Dionne

Chateau Dionne at 24G, Jalan Medan Setia 2, Bukit Damansara. Daily, 12pm to 3pm, 6pm to 11pm, daily Bookings can be made here. Chateau Dionne boasts a hidden wine cellar and offers private rooms for intimate dining experiences

Chateau Dionne is a stunning interior greeted by a gorgeous bar that stretches to the upper floor with a spiral staircase by its side. Going up the stairs, the dining area is intimate as paintings by renowned local artists adorn its walls, and and a hidden walk-in wine cellar houses variations of bubblies to French and Lebanese wines. At the main dining area, the intimate open kitchen led by chef-patron Andy Choy, is serving up seriously impressive classic French food with a dash of contemporary using Asian ingredients like Hokkaido scallops, ikura, truffle ponzu and more. The restaurant originates from the OG team at the first Chateau Dionne in upscale Xuhui District of Shanghai, embodying their resolute commitment to modern-classic French cuisine, bearing the hallmark of its esteemed culinary team.

This French fine dining establishment strives to be more than just an “occassion” sort of  place. Offerings like the regularly refreshed degustation menu alongside its a la carte menu gives patrons the flexibility to come over any time for a comforting meal or the occassional tasting menu. Cooking classical French cuisine is incredibly challenging because of all the boundaries set by time-honoured rules, and this can only be executed by a team that have a solid foundation, the technical know-how, and stellar execution skills. The December Degustation Menu, crafted by chef-patron Andy Choy and Chef de Cuisine Maxc Chong is a testament to that. A menu that cheerfully demonstrates lashings of professional technique while never losing sight of the imperative of appetite. 

Mastering the realm of classical French cuisine is an arduous feat, navigating through venerable rules and techniques. It demands a team equipped with profound technical expertise and unparalleled execution skills. The December Degustation Menu, meticulously crafted by Chef Andy and Chef de Cuisine Maxc, stands as a testament to their culinary prowess — a menu that joyfully showcases professional finesse without compromising the essence of indulgence and satisfaction.

Housemade Cep Brioche, served alongside a truffle butter and a salted French butter

This December Degustation Menu embraces a festive touch, harmonized against the gentle backdrop of Christmas melodies; the meal commences with a comforting delight: the housemade Cep Brioche, served alongside the indulgent richness of a truffle butter and a salted French butter, promising to warm the soul and set the stage for an exquisite dining experience.

The seasonal canapés feature a captivating trio. Firstly, a tart generously filled with lactose-free sour cream presents a harmonious blend of flavors. Following this is an artfully crafted creation shaped like a vivid green apple, showcasing a delicate jelly of cucumber paired elegantly with truffle cream, nestled upon a brioche base. Completing this trio is a buckwheat cone filled with a delightful fusion of foie gras, unagi, and caramelized butter shallots, promising a medley of savory notes. 

St Jacques is a dish of Hokkaido scallop carpaccio with champagne jelly, beetroot tuile, cauliflower puree and black garlic cream. On the plate sits many elements but they all come together with each bite, owing to some clever craftsmanship..
Signature Cold Capellini

CD’s Timeless Signature Beautifully Plated Cold Capellini, Featuring A Protein In Every Season, It Was Amaebi From Tsunagi In Kumamoto Prefecture, Kaviari Oscietre Caviar And Truffle Ponzu; 


Vichyssoise is a soul warming leek and potato espuma with cod brandade, and a perfectly googy 63c organic egg sits centre stage, for a smooth, velvety mouthfeel

CD Boeuf En Croûte

The Boeuf En Croûte is simply one of the best presentations. It arrives elegantly on a wooden tray dressed in Christmas theme.

Boeuf En Croûte with pan-seared foie gras

Cutting into the pastry, the six layers within are clearly revealed – counting from the middle, we have the Australian wagyu tenderloin, followed by chicken mousse, a paper-thin crepe, mushroom duxelle, spinach leaf, and ending with the puff pastry for the exterior layer. Served with beef jus and pan-seared foie gras.


Homard, a stunningly clean and elegant dish of Canadian lobster tail, lobster foam, Jerusalem artichoke, winter black truffle 

Palate Cleanser

Palate cleanser, refreshing pre-dessert of yuzu sorbet, meringue, limoncello, and sansho

CD Signature Soufflé

Their signature soufflé is dusted in dark chocolate by Chocolate Concierge, andbaked for precisely 6 minutes before being served with a generous douse of Grand Marnier, orange marmalade and a quenelle of vanilla ice cream assembled table-side. Pillowy soft and fluffy, yet decadently rich and creamy all at once. Every serving of soufflé has been numbered since its inception from 2020, which certainly puts things into perspective. At the time of our serving, we were at no. 13,613 and 13, 614. A reflection of Chateau Dionne’s unwavering dedication to perfection and consistency, and a helpful motivation for the team to keep on the path, and strive for excellence. 

The final Petit Four arrives in a solid wood treasure box, where patrons get to choose from chocolate truffles, black sesame madeleines, and the signature mini canelés.


Written by Theri Burhan. Edited by Aileen Lim. 

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