10 menus across 5 weeks from 2 countries: Tiffin at Home

The Americana menu featuring Soul Byrd X Noti Doughnuts X Cocoraw at Week 1

Launch of Tiffin at Home, 19th August to 19th September 

Location: Malaysia 
What is it about? 

Tiffin Food Court (Malaysia) launches Tiffin at Home to help soften the blow of being stuck indoors with extended lockdown and ever-changing rules in Malaysia. This five-week series features the brightest culinary talents in Malaysia and Singapore, in collaboration with Singapore Tourism Board (STB) for the Singapore Food Festival.  

Six to try

Easy-to-prep meal kits to help recreate the restaurant-quality experience at home that even the most amateur home chefs can achieve at Week 1 by Ember, Li, MU Artisan, Mutiara Figs, Posh Eggs. 


Chef Sun Kim of Meta Restaurant, Singapore

Two of the top restaurants in Singapore and Malaysia are joining forces in crafting an ingredient-driven menu during Week 3. Chef Darren Teoh of Dewakan (Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants) and Sun Kim of one-Michelin-starred Meta Restaurant in Singapore, drawing from both chefs’ cultural heritage—Malaysian and Korean-is born. 

Exclusive Tiffin At Home cocktails from Dissolved Solids

Crafted cocktails by industry veteran CK Kho of Coley Cocktail Bar (Asia’s 50 Best Bars), Tickets, Three X Co, Backdoor Bodega, alongside up-and-coming Tracia Chan from Dissolved Solids throughout the series. 

Frank Shen and Leon Tan from Laut, Singapore

 In Week 4, Chef Mui of Chocha Foodstore will come together with Frank Shen and Leon Tan of Laut Singapore to create a menu that pays homage to the region’s sea-faring heritage.

Week 5 will bring us a playful and fun menu by Jun Wong of Kikubari brings her passion for modern Japanese gastromy, alongside Ryan Clift of Singapore’s NOKA by Tippling Club. 

From the founder of Tiffin Food Court

“Ever since the lockdown started, and with the opening of the physical Tiffin At The Yard delayed, the Tiffin team has been actively working with many players in the F&B scene to explore fun concepts and test new ideas for home dining. Tiffin At Home is a result of these conversations. Serving not just as a preview of Tiffin At The Yard but also a way to support the industry during these challenging times,” – Adrian Yap 

About Tiffin Food Court 

Tiffin Food Court has been a household name in Malaysia for dishing out exciting collaborations with some of South East Asia’s innovative culinary players and creative minds. Tiffin’s aim has always been to promote emerging culinary talents and support entrepreneurs whilst nurturing the region’s collective enthusiasm for all things culinary. Tiffin At Home also comes as a prelude to the opening of Tiffin at the Yard, the next installation of Tiffin Food Court, which will be housed in one of the oldest heritage buildings in Malaysia, Sentul Depot—coming soon in 2021. 

The Menu 

Tiffin At Home will be available on a pre-order basis and orders can be made through here


1) Ember X Li X MU Artisan X Mutiara Figs

Date: 19th August to 22nd August

2) Soulbyrd X Noti Doughnuts X Cocoraw

Date: 19th August to 22nd August

3) Cocktails by Dissolved Solids


1) Gooddam X Homm Homm

Date: 26th August to 29th August

2) Cocktails by Coley


1) Dewakan X Meta (SG)

Date: 3rd to 4th September

2) Akar Dining X Atelier Binchotan

Date: 2nd to 5th September

3) Cocktails by Tickets


1) Copper X Kuno X Inside Scoop

Date: 9th to 12th September

2) Chocha Foodstore X Laut (SG)

Date: 9th to 11th September

3) Cocktails by Three X Co


1) Kikubari X Noka by Tippling Club (SG)

Date: 16th to 19th September

2) OpenHouse X Gēn 根 (PG)

Date: 16th to 19th September

3) Cocktails by Backdoor Bodega

Images credit: Tiffin, Meta Singapore, Laut Singapore, Dissolved Solids 

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