The importance of designing a good dining space: WAIG by Chipta 11A 

From the start, we’ve always been interested  in chronicling establishments which inspired us with their approach to creative design, shaping the way new foodpreneurs rethink design concepts, and proving that there’s always room for improving the experience for diners and chefs. WAIG by Chipta 11A will be the inaugural establishment for this. 

The kitchen of WAIG by Chipta 11A, led by Chef Michael.

Rarely do the designer, kitchen consultants, and contractors get the credit they merit when a restaurant opens. The opening of WAIG by Chipta 11A was truly a remarkable feat; the construction to handover was completed in about a month for Christmas opening in 2022. Diane Ong, co-founder of WAIG by Chipta 11A attributed this to dedication to the craft,  teamwork and the value of synergy between all parties. 

The space that WAIG by Chipta 11A currently occupies was the last available lot at APW Bangsar. Jack Weldie, the chef-proprietor behind Chipta 11A, known for its modern Malaysian Japanese Omakase style dining, is always drawn to opening a second establishment at APW Bangsar, thanks to its drinking and dining space that is reshaping the neighbourhood communities. 

The last available lot at APW

“Soon Wei, the founder of APW Bangsar, always wanted a second outpost of Chipta 11A at APW Bangsar. However, we felt that we wanted to push ourselves in creating a different form of dining experience, but not compromising on a pleasurable dining experience,” says Diane Ong, co-founder of Chipta 11A. 

After much back and forth, it came to an agreement that the establishment has to have design-minded details, discrete, and a gallery of some sort. The grand plan is to reimagine and deconstruct Chipta 11A, which is known for its zen-like calmness and Omakase-style tasting menu. As a result, WAIG by Chipta 11A was born. A casual, relaxed dining experience exists alongside nostalgia and newness, serving Malaysian offbeat Japanese cuisine and a space that allows the restaurant to be different things to different people.

Re-imagined Omakase by PORT 25

Designed by PORT 25, Koh Nyapshin 

Kitchen consultant and fit-out by Kitchen Inc, Joe Tan 

Lead contractor and fit out by Proprimedge, Andy Cheong

Branding identity by LIE Design & Art Direction , Driv Loo 

“In some sense, WAIG by Chipta 11A are “piecemeal”  experiences of Chipta 11A”

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In numbers…

Launch: 23rd December 2022 

Seating capacity: 24-25 pax 

Area size: approx. 900sq ft

Number of staffs: 3 FOH, 4 BOH

Address: C-02, APW, 29, Jalan Riong, Bangsar

Booth spaces 

Providing privacy and drawing boundaries  

Booth seatings at WAIG by Chipta 11A

The  zig zag booths are a  signature  feature at WAIG by Chipta  11A. Instead the conventional long counter with open space, booths for two with shutters gives diners  the option to view the chefs as they make  their food or  draw up the shutters. “We want to challenge the thinking that if you don’t know who is serving you, would you still enjoy our food and have  a good dining experience? We also anticipate that there will be a couple dinings, hence this design,” says Ong. This setting is  also perfect for singletons who need a quick bite or me-time. 

Communal spaces 

Adapting to large parties and events 

WAIG by Chipta 11A communal space

Different areas and better for different occasions. The space is  also fluid enough to cater to small parties or important business deals that need discussing or proposals to be made. 

Under-cover kitchen

Keeping  it confidential or open  

Chef Michael of WAIG by Chipta 11A

Open-kitchen plans are overdone. We don’t always need to see the madness during services or the chef’s intense concentration while slicing the fish. The booth shutters provide a little mystery. Additionally, this frees up chef Michael and his team to concentrate on what they do best without being scrutinised. 

Art inspiration 

Good meals with good art

Re-imagine Omakase by PORT 25

The space is designed to be gallery-like. Bare walls on the side are ready for local art, to serve as joint support to its creative residents. 

Bold brand identity and memorable collaterals 

Branding matters. Never forget the importance of branding 

A well-signed logo that translates to on-ground collaterals such as menu, coaster, placemat all help to set  a smart tone. WAIG (wa-ik) means “water” in Kadazandusun. The same ethos from Chipta 11A carries to WAIG by Chipta 11A which is to always create, rethink, adapt and flow with its environment. 

Application of WAIG’s logo and graphic elements by LIE Design & Art Direction

A closer look at WAIG’s logo reveals graphic elements of different shapes  and sizes. Every symbol represents a taste profile and texture! From sour to sharp, briny to gamy. 

Graphic elements representing the flavours of WAIG by Chipta 11A

A dining  experience here is a balance of nostalgia and newness elevated with distinctive twists, like this grilled Japanese squid inspired by local Rojak flavour profile, on a bed of kangkung puree and peanut crumble. 

WAIG by Chipta 11A Japanese Squid with kangkung puree and peanut crumble.

Serious reservation 

Personal touch 

WAIG by Chipta 11A menu

There is also a booth, fit for one person designated for taking reservations. It would be a stroke of luck to bag your favourite spot by just walking in, so remember  to make a reservation via Table App, Whatsapp at +011-3992 7269 or via WAIG by Chipta 11A Instagram here.

Tuesday to Sunday, dinner 6pm to 10pm

Wednesday to Saturday, lunch 12pm to 2.30pm

Images and design illustration credits: PORT 25, WAIG by Chipta 11A, LIE Design & Art Direction.

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