“Pursue the things that make you happy so you can see life in it. Your voice matters.” Table Talk with Florife Yasa, Innovation Deployment Manager of Ecolab SEA

Florife Yasa, Innovation Deployment Manager of Ecolab SEA

Ecolab, a global leader in water, hygiene and infection prevention solutions and services that protect people and vital resources is a familiar name in the food manufacturing, industrial sector, healthcare and hospitality industry covering nearly 3 million customer locations globally.

Here, we had a conversation with Florife Yasa, Innovation Deployment Manager, Food and Beverage division of Ecolab Southeast Asia. She shares her passion for the industry and how she wants to champion good hygiene to help prevent food wastage and help large- and small-scale F&B businesses thrive.

To start with, tell us about your love for the industry.

I have a natural affinity for the food industry due to my love for food. But the irreversible point was when my husband and father underwent a critical condition. Due to amoebic food contamination, my spouse spent a week in the ICU and was isolated, while my father suffered a stroke due to poor eating habits.

Since then, I have developed a greater awareness and value for the food and drinks we consume, how they are manufactured and served, and my role in contributing to all of this.

How did you end up doing what you are doing now?

I briefly considered, half-heartedly, to be a doctor and briefly considered studying to be a chemical engineer.

I had to change my subject of study to electronics and communications engineering because of my medical condition. But as the saying goes, our heart will lead us to where we will feel most complete. I unknowingly began creating ripples in the chemistry-related fields of food ingredients and the electronics sector.

Then Ecolab opened its door for me. As I stay with the company, I appreciate how chemistry and electronics work to ensure that we have safe and healthy food from farm to fork.

Can you tell us more about Ecolab in your own words?

In Ecolab, every single effort of the team counts towards encircling hygiene and sustainable operational solutions – in food manufacturing, – hospitality and healthcare, industrial sector facilities. We, as Ecolab’s prime asset, can make an impact on the world sustainability efforts – maybe it be in hygiene and infection prevention solutions or water management.

 How are you and your team championing good hygiene in the industry?

If we are to account for the major concern of wastage in the food industry, it is from product recall caused by contamination. But it is good that different food organisations, and companies like Ecolab invested in formulating standards and programs that will give sustainable solutions.

I once worked for a dairy company which looked into Listeria Monocytogenes concerns. We discovered product wastage worth $25,000 and was resolved by intensive survey, collaborative root cause analysis and actions using chemistry and digital tools. This is a self-fulfilling experience.

“I see myself as a doctor. I see no boundary in giving solutions.” – Florife Yasa

I realised how well I was prepared to make a difference. I see myself as a doctor helping save lives with safe food, a chemical engineer providing the best cleaning and sanitation solutions and an electronics and communications engineer utilising automation and digital solutions. I see no boundary in giving solutions.

I encourage all women and young female peers to acknowledge your strengths and values.

Pursue the things that make you happy so you can see life in it. Your voice matters.

What would it be if you could make one change to help women at work? 

Not everyone appreciates change, but if I am given a chance to make a change to help women in the workplace, it would be the Mindset. With the mindset that, as a woman, nothing is IMPOSSIBLE if we bear in mind that I’M POSSIBLE to do GREAT things.

We possess traits that play to each other’s advantage. We have the potential to contribute to a bigger impact.

How do you find work-life balance?

To find work-life balance, we must first enjoy our work so we can find life in it. If we enjoy what we are doing, it is easier to produce better results in the shortest time. Then, we no longer need to chase for Work-Life Balance. Our results will find ways for our priorities – quality time with ourselves, family, friends, and church.





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