HennessyMyWay Sustainable Cocktail Challenge announces its top 10 winners

Bartenders To Showcase Winning Cocktails At Selected Bars Via Upcoming Hennessy Cocktail Trail

Image credit: HennessyMyWay

Malaysia – Launched in 2020, HennessyMyWay is a global initiative by The Maison, Hennessy. HennessyMyWay is a campaign that supports and celebrates the bartending community’s passion and craft in producing expressive cocktails. According to its Press Release, the third installment in the annual series challenged bartenders globally to create and submit their version of a sustainable cocktail using any Hennessy cognac. The versatile appeal of Hennessy’s range makes it ideal for creating any cocktail and gives bartenders the flexibility to get expressive with their creations.

“We are ecstatic to see the bartenders get creative and rise to the occasion given that this year’s challenge of creating a sustainable cocktail is still a fairly new concept in this space. We feel bartenders have also done an exceptional job in showcasing the many different ways Hennessy can be enjoyed,” says Thomas Bouleuc, Managing Director of Moët Hennessy Diageo Malaysia and Singapore.

“With each passing year, we are more impressed with the amazing talent pool across Malaysia. Every bartender has taken their own unique approach to the challenge which is why we are looking forward to bringing these sustainable cocktails to our consumers as part of the upcoming ‘Hennessy Cocktail Trail’,” Bouleuc went on to say.

Congratulations to all the winning bartenders! The Top 10 Malaysia winners of the HennessyMyWay Sustainable Cocktail challenge, their cocktail creation and the bar establishment they are attached to are as follows:

  1. Arsenio Mariano – “Method in Madness” (Moon Bar)

2. Avai Saravanan – “Henne-City” (Wetdeck – Woobar, W KL)

3. Chloe Tan – “See Trust” (Cabinet 8 by JWC)

4. Joshen Chew – “Monkey Business” (Hyde@53)

5. Loo Hong Xiang – “Teguk Wangi” (61Monarchy)

6. Mike Fan – “Elixir Of The God” (Bartailor)

7. Raz Ng – “Queen With Benefits” (Gekko Dining)

8. Rolend Ten – “Cassa(no)va Highball” (Backdoor Bodega)

9. Sebastian Jeremy – “Henny-Ways” (DC Restaurant)

10. Thanesh Joel – “No-Waste Nucifera” (Backdoor Bodega)

Each bartender is awarded a cash prize of 200 EUROS for their win. They will also receive a Hennessy V.S.O.P by Liu Wei limited edition, an official Hennessy NBA Jersey, and a Hennessy Mixology Kit. The winners were also chosen to go to the next level of the competition: the Top 40 Global Challenge. The bartenders will have the chance to compete on a global scale for even more spectacular prizes.

Find out more about the winners’ cocktail videos and immerse in the skill and finnesse of every creation here



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