Announcing Set the Tables SPACES! 

Set the Tables
What is it about? 

Let’s face it: 2023 will be a difficult year. What if you could generate extra revenue from unused spaces or during non-operating hours in your venues? Spaces is a listing (currently on Set the Tables’ Instagram) created for the industry, by the industry.

Spaces will inform you, in full  transparency of all that nitty gritty info that you really need to know when planning pop-ups or residencies – from rental rates, kitchen equipment, amenities, seating capacity, access hours, and more. 

Chefs and bartenders, and here’s why you should be a part: this will  be the golden opportunity for you to test out passion  projects, new concepts, run workshops for additional exposure, networking and income! 

All spaces will be featured on our Instagram for this initial stage. Absolutely at no cost at all for now. Of course, we are more than happy to manage minimal Ad Buys to boost your spaces. We’re trying to help restaurants with that much-needed income.

Set the Tables

This listing hopes to revolutionise access to venues, empowering our community, generate revenue and achieve their dreams.

How does it work? 

Do you have a space or consider renting out your restaurants, bars, studios during your non-service hours? 

All you need to do is to DM or email Theri at with the below details:

  1. Tell us more about your business 
  2. At least 3 high-res images of your venue 
  3. Seating capacity
  4. How can potential chefs/ owners use your space 
  5. List of equipments provided 
  6. Essential information to know
  7. Location description 
  8. How can people contact you to know more (email, mobile) 

All the information required to help upcoming talents, chefs, people within the industry to realize their dream menu, conduct workshops, pop-ups, concept testing to temporary residences,

Spaces is is designed to display your available spaces as transparent  and holistic as possible, making connections and foster relationships – after all, that is what our industry is built on. Available for locations in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok.

If you  want to get  your venues listed, or get involved, email Theri at or slide into our Instagram DMs. 
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