Welcome to Our Malaysia by Wayang Kitchen, a 4 course immersive dinner theatre experience

A 4 course immersive dinner theatre experience by Wayang Kitchen

Kuala Lumpur – For only one weekend only, Welcome to Our Malaysia by Wayang Kitchen is a 4 course immersive dinner theatre experience with a comical spin on old and new tales, as well as a satirical look at the stories surrounding these national cuisines, such as Nasi Lemak. One dish at a time.

Welcome To Our Malaysia! is co-written and produced by Razif Hashim and Hester Welch of Wayang Kitchen and is performed at Artisan’s Playground by COOKHOUSE located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. The production is supported by the BOH Cameronian Arts Awards Grant in cooperation with Kakiseni.

Tell us more about Wayang Kitchen

We come from a theatrical background and love the craft. Our strength is in storytelling, and flavours have strong associations with memories, which we want to evoke. All of our current and previous plays and work is heavily influenced by food-inspired stories, and stories inspired by food. 

“We aim to nourish your soul, heart and mind”

Hester Welch

How did the concept of Welcome to Our Malaysia come about?

Welcome to Our Malaysia has been in the works since 2019, but has been put on hold due to the pandemic. We decided to go ahead with the production now that things are starting to open up. Originally, the stories were developed with tourists in mind, but it has since evolved to tourists, foreigners living in Malaysia and Malaysians who feel foreign in their own land! 

Some say we are breaking traditions. Yes we are. We also do however come from the standpoint that traditions have already been broken. So you could say that we are breaking broken traditions.

We believe in embracing the fact that nobody wears traditional clothing on a daily basis anymore, our youth are speaking the same bastardised language that the world’s Gen Z is thanks to the internet and that our country is more than just tallest buildings with happy people of different races tolerating each other in harmony. 

Most of all, we believe in a full stomach and having fun at the coolest venue in Kuala Lumpur, Artisan’s Playground! 

One of the courses that will be served, Nasi Lemak

Tell us more about the venue for this immersive theater experience, Artisan’s Playground? 

We always work with restaurants and chefs who are interested in telling stories about food. And we hope to continue to collaborate with our partners in the long run. Making stories is a craft at Wayang Kitchen. And Artisan’s Playground, like its namesake, is all about the craft of making food. The venue itself is unique, showcasing independent restaurants that weave into the show’s story narrative.

What would you like your audience to take away from Welcome to Our Malaysia?

Just have fun! We want our audience to have a great time, to be nourished, and to party with us after the show!


13 & 14 January 2023


7.30pm – 9.30pm


Artisan’s Playground by COOKHOUSE. 

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