Sushi Masa by Ishibashi: “A testament to life’s finer pleasures”

Chef Yoshinaga Hisaki. Image credit: Sushi Masa by Ishibashi

Sushi Masa by Ishibashi at Lot 1-03, First floor, Menara Hap Seng 3, Jalan P. Ramlee, Kuala Lumpur. Bookings at +6011 1466 9374 or here. Set menu only. 12-seater counter, with 2 private rooms with seating capacity of 6 each room 


Kuala Lumpur – Chef Yoshinaga Hisaki, or affectionately known as Yossy, unfolds every course at the intimate 12-seated counter with the warm and convivial nature of Japanese hospitality, omotenashi served whole-heartedly. Sushi Masa by Ishibashi stems from Chef Masakazu Ishibashi’s Michelin-starred Edomae-style sushi legacy in Ginza, the authenticity of this dining experience is unparalleled.

It’s in the details, in the accumulation of subtle gestures, where Chef Yossy shines. The Premium Sushi courses, we marvel at his craft as he places each directly in front of us, where the rice forms with graceful rhythm by warm hands. Attentiveness, such as serving meals from the left side after noting my handedness, adds a nuanced touch to the dining experience. 

For those seeking to splurge on an elevated experience, a curated customized menu starting at an eye-watering RM2,500 is available. 

 Miyabi menu, Sushi Masa by Ishibashi

The Miyabi menu unfolds a narrative of premium ingredients like  Bafun uni from Hokkaido, steamed Awabi (Japanese abalone), marbled jabara (lined fatty tuna), Japanese hairy crab, shima-aji (striped Jack), botan ebi (shrimp), nodokuro (blackthroat seaperch).

 Miyabi menu, Sushi Masa by Ishibashi

The courses are interspersed with intervals of hot courses that showcase diverse ingredients and cooking techniques, with the menu refreshing on the 18th of every month. 

 Miyabi menu, Sushi Masa by Ishibashi

Steamed Awabi with Karasumi and Liver Sauce 

Awabi is the Japanese word for abalone, the edible sea snails of the Halliotidae family. Served steamed with a karasumi and liver sauce, the dish is a testament to Chef Yossy’s expertise, enhancing abalone with a delicate touch.

“The philosophy cultivating this endeavour is our strong determination to attend to every little detail and every ingredient, to share an appreciation for age-old Japanese culinary traditions without compromising its integrity.”

 Miyabi menu, Sushi Masa by Ishibashi

Presented in a delicate gold rimmed glass plate, this dish is proper good in every way. The sort of good that makes you weak in the knees. Generous spoonful of hairy crab, bountiful Bafun uni, ikura on a bed of fluffy Japanese rice. Proper good indeed.

 Miyabi menu, Sushi Masa by Ishibashi

The dinner continues to unfolds with Uni with Shiro Ebi & Dashi Jelly emerges as a stellar protagonist, nestled within the delicate embrace of an uni shell. In the hands of Chef Yossy, dining becomes an art form. This is not just dinner; it’s a gastronomic theatre that lingers in the memory to this very day.

The Torotoku Handroll, a grand finale of savoury perfection, beckons despite the feast preceding it. Despite bursting at the seams, there was still, miraculously, room for this  generously plump Torotoku Temaki handroll with minced fatty tuna, takuan, and yuzu, wrapped in toasted seaweed.

 Miyabi menu, Sushi Masa by Ishibashi

Closing the chapter, the Tamago Castella, offered in two varieties baked at different temperatures, presents a delightful contrast – one a light chiffon-like treat, the other a dense cheesecake-like indulgence.

In the sprawling Omakase landscape of Kuala Lumpur, where options abound, Sushi Masa by Ishibashi emerges as an unassailable testament to life’s finer pleasures. The result is a culinary celebration that resonates deeply, urging diners to revel in the unabashed joy of life’s exquisite pleasures.

Lunch is available on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday. Kou is priced at at RM488++ per pax, with 5 Appetizers, 8 Sushi, Tamago, Miso Soup, Dessert

Dinner menu of Miyabi at RM988++ per pax, with 4 Appetizers, 7 Sushi, 1 Handroll, Tamago, Miso Soup, Dessert

Omakase at RM1288++ per pax, with 5 Appetizers, 8 Sushi, 1 Handroll, Tamago, Miso Soup, Dessert

A curated selection of champagne, wine, and Japanese sake pairings are also available. 

Operating hours: 12pm – 2pm, 6pm-10.30pm, closed on Monday 



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