“One thing I didn’t anticipate was the depth of connections formed while sharing the stories behind each bottle.” Table Talk with Grazia Di Franco, Maison Ferrand SEA Brand Ambassador

Grazia Di Franco, Maison Ferrand SEA Brand Ambassador

With a vibrant mix of Swedish and Sicilian heritage, Grazia Di Franco has traversed the globe, making her mark on the international bar scene. From Italy to Miami, Amsterdam to Sydney, she has embarked on a journey fueled by her passion for exploration and discovery.

Grazia’s remarkable talent and unwavering dedication have earned her recognition within the industry. During her tenure in Amsterdam, she demonstrated her exceptional skills and was crowned the Strega Liquor Modern Mixing Champion of 2016. Building on this success, Grazia joined the team at PS40 Sydney and later assumed the role of Creative Director at Bartolo Wine Room, an Italian cocktail bar and restaurant nestled in the heart of Sydney.

For the past five years, Grazia has served as the Brand Ambassador for Mancino Vermouth and Rinomato Aperitivo, traveling globally to promote the aperitivo culture and spearhead the creative aspects of the brand.

Now based in Singapore, Grazia continues her journey in the world of craft spirits, sharing her passion and expertise in Maison Ferrand across the South East Asia region.

Where and how did you get started in hospitality?

My journey in hospitality began in my hometown in Sicily more than 15 years
ago, through a genuine passion for craft beverages and mixology. I started by
exploring various roles in cocktail bar around the world, from Amsterdam to
Sydney, immersing myself in the world of spirits and their artful creation.

How would you describe your job as a Brand Ambassador?

As a Brand Ambassador for Maison Ferrand, my role revolves around
showcasing the unique qualities and stories behind our exceptional spirits. I
engage with enthusiasts, professionals, and consumers to share our brand’s
heritage, craftsmanship, and diverse product range. It’s a very dynamic role as
it gives me the opportunity of mixing my passion for the creative aspect of it,
with a more technique approach when we go into the whole production

What do you like most about your job and what did you least anticipate?

The aspect I like the most is surely being able to travel so much. Every day is
very unique, and not being a person who likes “routines”, this is an essential
part of this role. One thing I didn’t anticipate was the depth of connections
formed while sharing the stories behind each bottle.

Citadelle Gin, Ferrand Cognac, and Plantation Rum – can you
tell us the flavor profiles in your own words? What are the best ways to
enjoy them?

Citadelle Gin is one of the first craft Gin ever produced in France, it’s a very
creative brand and it boasts a harmonious blend of floral and citrus notes,
perfect for classic gin cocktails. I do love it for my Gibson for example.
Ferrand Cognac embodies a cherished legacy within our Maison, reflecting
our rich heritage in producing this exceptional spirit. Whether I’m savouring it
neat or using it to craft sophisticated cocktails, it exudes an essence of
refinement and history that never fails to intrigue me.

Planteray Rum offers a wide palette of Rum styles, as we work with diverse
terroirs and distilleries around the globe. From Barbados to Venezuela, to
Jamaica and so many more. Each style has his own flavour profile, as each
Island or country has his unique way of making rum. So, describing each one
of them might need a book lol. What I can say that applies to the whole
Planteray range, is that it’s a Rum that speaks to people, thanks to his
diversity it can really meet the palate of a very wide range of flavour profiles.

It’s like finding a connection between the diversity in the rums and the
incredible uniqueness in people themselves.

Can you tell us more about the stories behind a signature cocktails of yours using the range within Maison Ferrand recipes?

I have a cocktail which I am particularly in love with, that was created years
before starting working as the Brand Ambassador for MF, and yes, it was born
with Plantation since day 1. It’s the “Sunscreen”.


I created this drink when I was living in Sydney for a menu concept where I
was trying to incorporate daily basis things into flavors, for the different
seasons. And growing up on the seaside in Sicily, I had this smell of
sunscreen in my mind that I couldn’t get rid of, so I made a drink that
reminded me of it.

Planteray 3 Stars Rum washed with pure cocoa butter
Citric Mango Cordial
Sparkling coconut Water
Served into a highball glassware

Where do you like to eat or drink on your day off?

On my day off, I often seek out cozy, hidden gem establishments known for
their innovative cuisine or exceptional cocktail creations. Exploring new
flavours and ambiances is always an exciting adventure.I do love skin contact wine and seafood, and other days I might fancy a Daiquiri or a lot of pasta. I am still Italian after all!


Maison Ferrand is one of the world’s premier boutique producers of fine spirits, and the architect of the an historical spirits movement. The company was founded by Alexandre Gabriel in 1989 with a mission to preserve age-old, cra production methods that capture the true expression of the spirit, and a commitment to revisit the classics while advancing innovation.

Maison Ferrand was founded in 1989 by Alexandre Gabriel, who is the owner and master blender, and is headquartered in the 18th century Chateau de Bonbonnet. Maison Ferrand produces Ferrand cognacs, Plantation Rum, and Citadelle Gin.

Tong Woh Enterprise is the official importer and distributor for the Maison Ferrand brands and you can buy the here. 

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