Maillard Grill: “Seriously good steaks and ingredients.”


Maillard Grill by Wyld Group

Maillard Grill at G05, Ground Floor, Republik, Jalan Medan Setia 1, Bukit Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur. Bookings at +60 3-7622 8770 or here. Seating capacity at 50 pax. 

To begin, your attention is immediately drawn to their meticulously clean, green, and organized chalkboard placed close to the entrance just before stepping inside – a prelude to the precision of food and service awaiting inside. The different cuts of steak from prime to butcher cuts were written in chalk to indicate the freshest availability daily; a reflection of Maillard Grill’s concept of going back to fundamentals and an ode to simplicity that never fails in the hands of a professional. Here, the tone is set as a quintessentially classic grillhouse deeply rooted in time-honored culinary technicality with craftsmanship. During our visit, the cuts available were the Aged Ribeye, Aged Sirloin, Ribeye Cap, Coulotte, Wagyu Hanging Tender to Black Angus Tomahawk. 

Enter through the large double front doors and step into a warm and inviting dining room that lends to feelings of intimacy. The solid timber furnishings and cozy lighting are homey while offset with bronze metal highlights and hues of bourbon red for a bold vibrance that signals to the firey action happening in the kitchen. 

Championing the use of indigenous ingredients for meat aging, this grillhouse is a pioneer, intertwining local produce and traditional cooking styles with avant-garde techniques; arguably the first grillhouse to use local ingredients to age meats.

Executive Chef Meg Lee’s prowess in all things fire and heat shines through with the Sabah Coral Grass dry-aged cuts, a true centerpiece at Maillard Grill. The rest of the menu follows a similar philosophy of mostly local-inspired flavours yet multicultural in technique and ingredients. Expect updated classics like Beef Wellington, Beef Tartare, and French Onion Soup right up to the familiar Panna Cotta. 

Rambutan wood

The kitchen loves its fire with a blazing mix of rambutan wood from Perak and charcoal intensifying the heat of a pre-heated skillet, and when ready, slid into the beast of a Mibrasa oven from Spain before a final finishing over live flames again to achieve a perfectly charred crust. The chef’s mastery shines in achieving the elusive “medium-rare without a trace of blood” – a testament to the steakhouse’s finesse.

From the small plate section, Pate

Pate adorned with focaccia, crowned by shaved foie de canard, and embellished with roselle-berry jam. Each bite reveals hidden treasures, unexpected, such as bits of chocolate ganache, elevating the experience with every morsel

Sabah Coral Grass Aged Ribeye

Sabah Coral Grass Aged Ribeye is aged over 21 days unveiling a tantalizingly crusty exterior to a tender pink centre that brims with intensity and flavour

USDA Prime Couloutte

USDA Prime Couloutte – an unsung hero among cuts boasting a delightful tenderness and robust flavor owing to its marbling despite its lean profile

Complemented by an array of sauces of which we chose au jus and mushroom-pick peppercorn cream. Every steak order comes with sea salt, dijon mustard and whole grain mustard.

Sides at Maillard Grill

Accompanying these are sides of grilled asparagus with herb raita, king eryngii mushroom adorned with salmoriglio sauce, and herb pangrattato 

Penny’s Hill ‘Malpas Road’ Merlot 2021

The dining experience was paired with Penny’s Hill ‘Malpas Road’ Merlot 2021 — a fitting companion to the gastronomic journey that was fruity and complementary to steaks with fatter compositions.


Devil’s Tongue

As the grand finale, desserts beckon with Devil’s Tongue – konjac sweet noodles adorned with passion fruit curd and toasted hazelnut crumbs.  

Spiced Poached Pear with rum

Spiced Poached Pear with coconut ice cream and toasted walnut, served with rum cascades over at the table – a theatrical flourish to end one absolutely satisfying meal.


Tuesday – Sunday, Closed on Monday

6 p.m. – 1030 p.m. (last seating)


Written by Theri Burhan. Edited by Lim Aileen. 

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