First Look: Gēn x Reka:bar 3-days pop up, a celebration of Malaysian flavours 

Dragon Chives, Pork. Image credit: Gen

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

For the talented young Johor-born chef Johnson Wong of Gēn, it is all about finding new mixtures for this new normal. 

“The concept is to ride the tide of the pandemic by adapting to change (which is constant). We want to redevelop ourselves and emerge with new elements and ideas of what we could provide to our community.”

Chef Johnson

From 21st to 23rd October 2021,  Gēn will be making its way from Penang to Kuala Lumpur, collaborating with the anticipated soon to open Reka:bar for a food and cocktail pairing tasting menu. Together with the founder of Reka:bar Nick, they both share the same zeal, passion and creativity for food and cocktails. Their aspiration is to preserve and celebrate the Malaysian heritage through showcasing locally sourced ingredients and flavours.

Dragon Chives, Roasted Pork (pictured above) 

This dish emphasizes the use of dragon chives as this ingredient is not very well-known. We chargrilled the chives to go with roasted pork as it would elevate the umami and sweetness of the ingredient. 

Chicken Wing, Belacan

The Belacan, fermented shrimp paste is originally from Balik Pulau! It gives a fragrant, pungent aroma – the perfect wholesome dinner experience! Belacan is also used as sambal (Malaysian chilli condiment) in Southeast Asia. A good quality Belacan often emits the most persistent stinking smell. Very much like choosing a good Durian!

Menu starts at RM590 per person. Make your reservation via Whatsapp at +6012-5113 323

About Gēn

Located in Penang’s The Prestige Hotel, Gēn 根 translates to “roots of the soil” and stems from ​​the notion of ​​staying true to our roots. The birth of Gēn 根 marks a new beginning for Chef Johnson, an establishment that fuses quality local Malaysian produce with passion, culture and childhood memories served with the utmost hospitality. This establishment has contributed immensely in elevating the Penang dining scene, debuts at the 92nd spot in the 51-100 Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2021. 


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About Reka:bar 

Reka: bar is brought to life by a group of passionate individuals who are pushing the boundaries of drinks innovation. Taste the magic of their flavour lab with their wildly imaginative bespoke cocktail pairings designed to complement and elevate this Gen x Reka:bar tasting menu.


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