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Chef’s Table at BAR.KAR. Image credit: Chloee Lee 

BAR.KAR KL is at SUITES G-06, GROUND FLOOR, G Tower, 199, Jln Tun Razak. Open daily, 12pm to 3pm, 6pm to 11pm. Bookings can be made here. BAR.KAR KL consists of two main dining areas, a chef’s table, a private room called The Cave Room, is a distinguished sanctuary of particular character. 

KUALA LUMPUR – With charcoal open-flame and time-honoured cooking methods taking  centre stage, BAR.KAR KL is the latest culinary gem to grace the gastronomic scene, adding a fiery spark in  the heart of the city centre. BAR.KAR KL is conceived by the innovative minds behind award-winning Eat and  Cook, led by Executive chefs Soh Yong Zhi and Lee Zhe Xi, with the kitchen brigade helmed by Head Chef  Kevin Ng. 

The name “BAR.KAR” finds its roots in the Malay word ‘bakar,’ signifying the intense energy of burning  flames. BAR.KAR KL embodies a profound longing to revive the communal essence of cooking reminiscent of  a time when individuals, irrespective of their backgrounds, united to cook, dine, and strengthen bonds.

A  homegrown brand, BAR.KAR KL is a pork free restaurant, embracing influences from time-honoured cooking  techniques, with bold Malaysian and Southeast Asian flavours, serving a menu that is presented in playful  formats, working with the finest produce from Malaysia and around the region. 

Head Chef Kevin Ng. Image credit: Bar.Kar

After graduating from Cilantro Academy Malaysia, Perlis-born Head Chef Kevin Ng seized the first chance to  work abroad when the opportunity presented itself and started his kitchen career in the US Virgin Islands,  followed by Dubai and then to the balmy beaches of Maldives. Upon returning to Malaysia, he led the kitchen  team at Communal Table by Gén in Penang before joining the opening team at BAR.KAR KL. 

Executive Chef Soh Yong Zhi. Image credit: Bar.Kar

“BAR.KAR KL represents the culmination of a two-year conceptual journey preceding Eat and Cook.  Our passion for grilled food ignited this idea, which, due to circumstantial constraints during the  pandemic, took a backseat initially. BAR.KAR KL is a heartfelt amalgamation of our mutual love for open-flame  cooking and to share our passion with our diners.” – Steve Lee and Chef Soh Yong Zhi, co-founders of  BAR.KAR KL.

The Menu

Image credit: @chanyumchansake

SNACKS: Egg and Toast 

In an exclusive collaboration with Oloiya, a grilled toast of chicken bak kwa with a hint of buak kulim is topped with a firm and gloriously golden-yolked 63c sous vide Nappier egg,  
served with a thick cut of butter and Eat and Cook’s infamous Century Egg Kaya

Image credit: @chanyumchansake

Ember Grill Dry Aged Australia Denver Lamb Ribs 

Succulent ember grilled sous-vide Australia denver lamb ribs generously glazed and caramelized in black  vinegar sauce, inspired by the flavours of the traditional Chinese dish of vinegar pig’s trotter

From the open-flames grill. Image credit: @chanyumchansake

Grilled Fresh Prawns with rich, savoury Prawn Bisque, Dry Aged Golden Pomfret and from the Vegetable section, Acar Bowl with Herb Whip Tofu 

With two tailored dry-ageing walk-in chillers, each capable of  ageing up to 200 kilograms of ingredients, the chefs at BAR.KAR KL enjoy a unique edge in procuring both  premium and lesser-known cuts of meat alongside locally sourced seafood, presenting these ingredients at their best to ensure optimal flavours and textures.

Image credit: @chanyumchansake

Big Burnt Leek, Goose Sausage 

The charred leek is locally sourced and a seasonal produce, with the rich flavors of our Goose Leg sauce, adding depth and savory complexity to every bite.

From the Sweets Section. (Image credit: @chanyumchansake) 

Chocolate Lava Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream 

An unforgettable dessert features a rich, locally sourced chocolate that oozes decadently from the center. The cacao  is a result of a delightful collaboration with Chocolate Concierge. To enhance the experience, the vanilla ice cream is crafted vanilla beans sourced from the picturesque Penang.

Bar.Kar promises  a captivating escapade where familiarity meets innovation, showcasing the vibrant tapestry of bold  Malaysian and Southeast Asian flavours. The menu, presented in engaging formats, celebrates the finest  produce from local sustainable sources and the surrounding regions. Welcoming patrons with warmth  and conviviality, the space invites you to embark on a fun and immersive dining journey that promises to  leave an indelible mark on your palate and memories.

Image credit: @chanyumchansake 

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