Agave Glazed Halloumi by Executive Chef Tim Christensen, St. Alma


3x 50g slices

Agave Glaze

200ml Agave

100ml White Wine Vinegar

1 x Long red chilli

Nut Salsa

50g Walnuts

50g Coconut Flakes

50g Almonds

This recipe is made in 3 parts, first our Halloumi

Always try to find a Halloumi made in Cyprus with a mixture of goats and sheep’s milk.Halloumi has a protected destination of origin in the EU and although this has not completelycarried over into Australia, you will generally find markings on products from Cyprus. You canfind some nice Australian made artisanal Halloumi in high quality fromageries and markets.As a general rule, Halloumi made locally in Australia is made from 100% cow’s milk and hasadifferent taste and texture.

Once you have found your Halloumi, slice it into pieces around 1cm thick. Coat with a little bitof olive oil and throw in some fresh thyme. Leave to marinate while we prepare everythingelse.

Agave Glaze

This is a simple glaze which works well for a number of different dishes (including slow cooked beef)

We use a simple ratio of 4:2:1, Sweet : Acid : Heat, In this case we are using an Agave syrup andwhite wine vinegar.

Combine 200ml of the Agave syrup and 100ml of the vinegar in a hard based pot, throw in thechili (you can deseed this if you prefer little to no heat) and reduce until the syrup is slightlybrown and reduced by about 1/4.

Nut Salsa

First up, we want to toast the nuts with a pinch of salt. This adds to the depth of flavour andtexture. You can then transfer to a food processor and blitz for 2-3 seconds (we want the nutsstill slightly chunky)

If you don’t want to dirty your food processor you can alwaysrough chopthem with a knife or put them into a tea towel and beat them with a rolling pin (my personal favourite)

Heat up a non-stick pan and add a bit of oil, we want the pan just below smoking point. Nextwe are going to fry our Halloumi adding ourthyme from the marinate into the pan. We wantto get good colour on both sides of the Halloumi, don’t be worried if you have to turn it a fewtimes or move the cheese around the pan to find the right spot.Once the halloumi has a nice toasty colour, transfer to a plate.

Next is just assembly, Halloumi–Drizzle Agave Glaze–Finish with Nut salsa.You can finish the dish with as much or as little as you like!


Located in Sydney, Australia, St. Alma is truly a reflection of Executive Chef Tim Christensen’s journey in the kitchen. So while a focus on fresh, locally sourced seafood will once again feature, you can expect a heap of different techniques being utilized (from week-long dry aging to curing) to highlight the depths of flavor Australian seafood has to offer. The produce will then feature flavors of coastal Mexico and ingredients found on the east coast of Australia to provide you with a dining experience like no other.

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